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3D Prototypes
MMVA Design Management (2006-2012)

The MuchMusic Video Awards (also known as the MMVA or MMVAs) are annual awards presented by the Canadian music video channel MuchMusic to honour the year's best music videos. In their modern form, the awards ceremony is not held in a conventional theatre, but instead as a large street party incorporating the MuchMusic World Headquarters, its parking lot, and parts of Queen Street West in downtown Toronto, Ontario.

AGA provided Design Management Services to transform MuchMusic parking lot into a massive stages for the MuchMusic Video Awards televised show, streamlining on-line communication between producers and multidisciplinary designers including set, construction, lighting, media artists as well as performer’s production houses.
Design Management Services: MMVA'11 Studio One

On-line Collaboration File Exchange Standards | Concept Development | Integration of all design data in 3D prototype to determine shot blocking for broadcast and live audience requirements, seats placement and traffic flow | Coordination of trades, especially digitally capable suppliers and subcontractors | Fabric patterns and construction element specifications | Design Conflicts and Change Management | Reveals
Concept Development Sketches > 3D Prototypes > Project Documentation > Fabrication > Installation
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