Advanced Facility Program, Acura:
Digital Prototype | Print | Video | Architectural Media

Advanced Facility Program is amulti-phase initiative designed to provide Acura dealers with aconsistent new look that clearly communicates Acura's image ofperformance, advanced technology and precision design. The goal isto create a look that sends a clear and distinctive visual message toconsumers while creating a more customer friendly sales and serviceexperience.The program combines an enhanced interior image with an all-new exterior design, including a new, more distinctive,dealer brand sign featuring the new Acura logo with deeply beveledsurfaces and sharp angles for a look of precision and power.

Working with automotive companies’ executives, branding specialists, architects, graphic designers and furniture detailers AGA facilitated creative strategy and presentation materials development for Advanced Facility Program. To create more innovative designs and communicatecontemporary, high-tech and interactive style that compliments thenew exterior design while providing customers with a morecomfortable, informative and user-friendly showroom environmentAGA created Virtual Prototypes, Computer Graphics Imagery, Animations and Print Presentations.
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