Project: Empress of Ireland story - Lady in Waiting: Journey to Discovery

Services: Musée de la Mer in Rimouski archival photographs invigoration by colouring and 3D effects adding depth and motion | Interpretive animations

RMS Empress of Ireland was an ocean liner that sank in the Saint Lawrence River following a collision with a Norwegian collier in the early hours of 29 May 1914. Of the 1,477 persons on board the ship, the accident claimed the lives of 1,012 (840 passengers, 172 crew). The number of deaths is the largest of any Canadian maritime accident in peacetime and the worst disaster in maritime history after the Titanic. In the 14 minutes it took for the ship to disappear into the St Lawrence.The disaster was all but forgotten in the outbreak of WWI two months later.

Lady in Waiting: Journey to Discovery tells the riveting and controversial story of the liner's sinking and follows the hazardous diving expedition undertaken to solve its mystery. AGA created interpretive animations and added motion and depth to archival still images, creating 3D effect.

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