Virtual reality presents a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach a completely immersed audience. We also use VR during the design process, to experience the designs we are working on before they are built, to have a correct sense of scale and proportions. 

Project: Autodesk M&E Headquarter, Real-time Virtual Set
Client: Autodesk Media & Entertainment

Virtual Set allows the real-time combination of people or other real objects and computer generated environments and objects in a seamless manner. A key point of a virtual studio is that the real camera can move in 3D space, while the image of the virtual camera is being rendered in real-time from the same perspective, therefore, this virtual scene has to adapt at any time to the camera settings (zoom, pan, angle, tilt). This is what differentiates a virtual studio from the traditional technique of chroma key. It also differs from techniques used in film, in which scenes are edited later. A virtual studio does not need any post production because it is in real-time. 

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